Hey! Welcome to my page.

I have huge interest in anything computer related, weather satellites, SDRs and amateur radio overall. Got licensed in March 2021 with callsign UB8QBD assigned.

I am also pretty good at photography, DJing, video editing and graphic design. graphic design is debatable tho

1/25/2024: now with TLS/SSL technology!

projects and stuff

weather satellite status page Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san daki restoration project (stalled) stuff i translated self-trained Senko-san LoRAs

some stuff is still not themed, will do it soon(tm)

current band conditions

badges and stuff

qo100 dx club image


twitter: https://twitter.com/@UB8QBD

personal twitter: https://twitter.com/@raovlovessenk

github: https://github.com/DJRaov

discord: raov

matrix: @raov:altillimity.com