Why did I even start this?

Simplest answer: im broke.
I don't got no $400 to spend on a legit cover, though I wish I did.
The last straw that pushed me to actually get my shit together and do it was the auction I lost for the genuine cover. Sold for just under 17k yen. (about 4k higher than MSRP)

truly a bruh moment, isn't it?

Oh, and before you ask: yes, I know that this will crash the price of the cover and possibly get me sued (it would be hella easy for Kadokawa to do so if they wanted to because my callsign is linked to my full legal name and address), but like I care tbh.
This kinda cute should be much more accessible.
Ah yes, I forgot one of the main reasons: fuck scalpers. This should be the ultimate way to deal with them.

By the way, don't expect this to look identical to the legit thing - I am upscaling this from a 300x900px crusty jpeg I got from GoodSmile.
I will try to make it look as close to the original by manually fixing imperfections the ESRGAN net made, but that ofc has its limits.